Dates and Origins of Parents' Day

Parents' Day Dates in 2024, 2025 and 2026

Parents' Day is celebrated at the following dates:

Parents' day combines the concepts of mother's day and father's day. It is recognized internationally on June 1, though it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July in the United States.


President Bill Clinton signed a resolution into law in 1994 proclaiming the fourth Sunday in July be parents' day1. The holiday is meant to promote responsible parenting and to celebrate the role parents play in their children's lives1.

The parent's day council is responsible for promoting the celebration of parents' day. Awards for exemplary parents are given out at local, state, and national levels1. It consists of a network of religious, civic and elected leaders to promote positive role models for parenthood1.


Parents' day celebrations usually include spending time with one's parents and families. This can include sending cards, flowers or going out to eat. Parent's day is far less popular than mothers' day or father's day and has received some controversy for attempting to replicate the commercial success of other holidays.