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iCalendars has a simple goal : offer free calendars to everyone in a simple and effective way. Every template is available in image, PDF or Excel format. Every file is distributed for free, without licence for personal use, you can republish them on your website. Please add a mention or a link to iCalendars though. iCalendars also gives you knowledge about American holidays and celebrations, starting with the dates for the current year and the following years.

Files can be republished for non-commercial use, please add a link or a mention of iCalendars

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Year 2024 Calendar

On this page, the online 2024 calendar, simple and effective, split in halves. This calendar can be printed in these colors, as well as other themes on the Print page. iCalendars let you download dozens of calendar templates, browse our pages before choosing.

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Create your own personalized calendar

Practical: create your own free, personalized photo calendar. This simple tool lets you create your own monthly calendar to print and share!

Online 2024 Calendar

Write down your appointments or organize your schedule in July, iCalendars offers large monthly calendars. You can download and print them, and also modify them using the Excel version. All months are available, get below the current month and next month calendars:

Useful pages on iCalendars

iCalendars is also full of information about important dates in 2024 such as public holidays, civil celebrations and religious festivals, all of which are described in detail on our pages. Please note: our texts are subject to copyright, so please add our link or mention the source.