Calendar and Dates of Baptist Holidays

The Baptist Church is a denomination of evangelical Christianity1. Born in Amsterdam in the 1600s, it came to the United States with some of the first waves of immigrants1. Today, 15% of Americans identify as Baptist, including all denominations, such as Southern Baptist2. It is especially prevalent among Black Americans, with nearly half identifying with the church2. The belief system has similar elements to many Christian denominations3. It is regarded as distinct because it uniquely mixes specific components of each3.

Baptists celebrate all the same religion/baptism/ as Christians4. This includes all ten of the official days of observance5. Likewise, Baptist traditions for celebration in the United States do not differ significantly from those in the Christian faith5. Christmas remains the most important holiday5.

Baptist Holidays Dates 2024, 2025 and 2026 - Holy days of obligation